Recorded by Berger at Daft Audio |
Except “Man Up!”, which was recorded by Ralph Qno Kunze and Arno Jordan at Castle Studio Schloss Röhrsdorf |
Crew: Heiko HESH Schramm – guitars, vocals / Fran Dango – vocals, keyboard on “Trouble Soon Be Over” / Berger – beatbox and harmonica on “Inner City Lights” / Ralph Qno Kunze – drums on “Your Land Ahoy” / Matthias Macht – drums on “Trouble Soon Be Over & “Man Up”
Produced by Ralph Qno Kunze & Heiko HESH Schramm.
Mastered by Ralph Qno Kunze |
Cover photo by: Hesh & Fran
Cover artwork by Fran Dango | Hobo Hill Productions.