BANDS. It was all about bands.
Rat packs.
Tight-knit gangs who exclusively lived for their sound.
For Heiko HESH Schramm, these were: Die Freunde der italienischen Oper, Need A New Drug, Gaffa, Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc., and the collaboration with Chris Whitley.
20 years on bass.
Then Whitley died of lung cancer in 2005.
Playing with this exceptional man was an experience you can hardly imagine coming up to once again.
But life goes on anyway.
HESH bought an acoustic guitar. Didn’t like its sound.
But this way, he was able to write songs while being on the road without getting thrown out of a hotel.Then, Fran got hold of an old KAY THIN TWIN. This was the deal and apart from that it was time for HESH to make his own decisions.
Ups and downs.
After all, HESH formed another band: BLENDERMAN.
Joined by Fran on bass and Mr. Macht, his old buddy from Whitley’s VAST Combo, on drums.
At the same time, HESH started to write stories and essay, and joined reviewers Irmgard Lumpini and Herr Falschgold on the monthly, literary radio show STUDIO B | Lobpreisung und Verriss in 2012.
Now, his shows are a road trip comprised of the stuff that makes his motor run: songs, essays, and stories.
Tune in and enjoy the ride.More on HESH’s biography.
Heiko HESH Schramm, Jahrgang ’71, Stahlwerker, Altenpfleger und Panzerfahrer im Zweiten Weltkrieg … oder war das Charles Willeford?
Am Bass für Chris Whitley on tour durch Amerika, Paris war aufregender. Seit Whitley’s Tod schreibt er Songs, bringt seine Alben raus und scheißt drauf, für 50 Euro in Hamburg spielen zu “dürfen”.
Privat hat er eine Schwäche für gebratenes Fleisch; ist mit der Frau die er liebt, auch befreundet, und steht auf dem Standpunkt, dass Israel seine Angelegenheiten ganz gut allein regeln kann.
In seiner Preisklasse, ist er der bestangezogenste Mann des Universums.
Und, wie jeder andere Mensch in Westeuropa auch, schreibt er an einem Roman.

Mehr zu HESH’s Biografie auf Wikipedia.